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About Central Buying

Central Buying - Manufacturers Online Ordering Portal

Central Buying is an Australian owned purchasing platform. Making it easier for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, bulk buyers, exporters, and retailers. The owner of the website has been in business since 1996 and has grown year after year, thanks to clients, suppliers and staff.

We do our best to add value to our retailer, bulk buyers, distributors and export customers. We supply information, promotional materials such as "Sold Here" signs, display stands, display boxes and information flyers for sales people and buyers.

Retailers & Bulk Orders

For Retailer Purchases, Bulk Orders or Quotes, please visit and register at our Manufacturers Portal, Central Buying.

You can see available products and once you have registered, you will gain access to product pricing. Please note some products have a minimum order quantities.

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Distributors & Wholesalers

Distributors, Wholesale and Corporate Purchases, please contact us via our Distributors Register and a staff member will contact you to provide specific pricing for your quantities.

Once your registration is confirmed you will receive an email with login details and you will be able to gain access to the Distribution or Bulk pricing.

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For more information please contact us, or for pricing and orders, this can be found and made online through our Online Ordering Portal, Central Buying.

Please note pricing will be shown after login is done for Retailer Orders. Distributors, Bulk and Wholesalers will have access to Distribution Pricing after they have been contacted by one of our staff.

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